Elsa Jean McTaggart ~ Someone Special

24 June 2011

Elsa Jean McTaggart ~ Someone Special

If you fancy something a little bit different and original then you should get yourself a ticket to experience the captivating presence of Elsa Jean McTaggart on her 2011 summer tour, running through June, July and into the start of August. On some of the island dates of the tour, Elsa is being supported by her equally talented sister, Miss Irenie Rose. The pair command the audiences' attention with their refreshing and original lyrics, powerful voices, warmth and captivating smiles. These girls have all the ingredients to provide you with a great evening's entertainment!

The evening in The Woodlands' Centre, in the beautiful location of the Castle Grounds in Stornoway, began with the talented and yet very humble Miss Irenie Rose, on guitar. The softness of her tone was instantly replaced by a confident, powerful voice when the talking turned to song, which may take some people pleasantly by surprise! Miss Irenie Rose writes her own material, largely based on a close family upbringing, and her experiences have enabled her to produce some heart-warming lyrics everyone can relate to, bringing a smile to your face. With songs including, 'My Mama Says', 'Somebody Else', 'River' and 'Rascal', she confidently wears her heart on her sleeve and as she rounds up her set, she proudly invites her sister to replace her on the stage. An equally proud Elsa Jean McTaggart is clearly delighted one of her sisters is sharing this experience with her. Elsa also proudly thanks her husband, Gary who covers the stage, lighting, sound, background music and everything else she needs to ensure the night is a success, so this really is a family business!

As Elsa brings out her fiddle (this is no ordinary fiddle by the way...), she exudes confidence as she shares her musical talent and flair with everyone in the audience, making us all keen to hear more. With a diverse range of musical styles and her own original lyrics incorporated into her music, Elsa plays and sings with great charm and poetic fluency. Toe-tapping is pretty much unavoidable! Watching Elsa, you get the feeling she is in an amazing musical dream that she has welcomed you into with open arms, and you truly feel mesmerised. 

Elsa's music attracts audiences from around the world. The Woodland's Centre event attracted people from throughout the Outer Hebrides, Sweden, the Netherlands, Edinburgh and further afield. No matter what your cultural background, Elsa's lyrics enable everyone to come together to share in the common themes of growing up and coping with life in general. Elsa's songs include, 'Blues Singing Girl', 'The Hallelujah Singers' and the beautiful, 'Edinburgh Park'.

Elsa Jean McTaggart is on tour with Gary throughout June, July and the start of August 2011. They are touring throughout a number of Scotland's Islands and also on mainland Scotland. There is a list of Elsa's island events on the Scotland's Islands website, so please check them out and try to fit one into an evening! If you would like further information on any of the events, covering the islands and mainland Scotland or you would like to purchase a CD, then please contact Gary Lister ~ Email: garydavidlister@hotmail.com or Phone: 07890074307. For general information, Elsa's website is ~ http://www.mctaggart.info/



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